My experience with CARE:

I didn't know what to do to save my house, CARE explained my options available to me!
I was losing all of my investments with all types of loans - CARE worked with everyone!!
I received an email from CARE and could not believe this was for real...IT's REAL!
I contacted CARE and they immediately got back to me and they never asked for 1 penny!
I had a foreclosure sale scheduled, CARE jumped in at no cost working with the banks to get this postponed so I could sell my home and not be kicked out on the streets.
CARE worked with me, even though there was another company involved!

The service that was provided was:

100% full service, CARE worked with everyone!
handled with care, considering I was losing everything.
more than you would even imagine.
very satisfying knowing I didn't have to worry about anything.
great with updates on my file to let me and my agent know what was going on!

My bank ended up wanting:

a promissory note paid and CARE even had that covered at closing so I didn't have to worry about paying anything down the road.
in the second lien position additional money, CARE had this all taken care of - I paid nothing!

When I went to closing:

all of my liens were satisfied.
all of my closing costs were paid for, as promised.
my utilities were paid.
my charge-offs were paid.
my city liens were paid.
I even ended up getting money back!

If I were to ever go through this again I would definitely use CARE


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